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Big large soulless avenues, where the concrete refers to the apparent lightness of the big plate-glass walls on steel structures, postmodern transnational architecture rooted in the utilitarian logic of offices and open-spaces. Were are in Paris, but we could have been anywhere else. Berlin, Lisbon, or Chicago. In one of any of these stateless places built everywhere.

This is in this artificially born again neighborhood, between multiplexes and biotech start-ups, between the neon signs of calibrated consumer goods chains and the universities, architecture and fashion schools, on electric rack cabinets regularly scattered in the streets, that C215, an artist with a postindustrial name (C215 is the acceleration data scaling error code in the DIAX03 electric switch boards – his real name being Christian Guémy), shows us stencil colorful faces in close-up that soon, and already in some places, the uniform brown paint from the road maintenance department will recover to re-asepticize that desecrated space.

Location: Paris (France)
Year: 2012