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Capital of the Nabatean kingdom established around 312 BCE, in the south east of the actual Jordan, Petra classically presents itself through the Siq, a gorge 1,200 metres long with cliffs up to 180 metres high, the remains of the entrance arch being still visible. The view of the Khazneh (the Treasury), one of the most beautiful monument of the city, is magical. Directly carved in the sandstone like all the tombs of the city, its style is both Nabatean and Hellenistic, where each sculpture, each column is carved out of a single block. Nomadic people trading between Yemen and the Mediterranean, the Nabateans have settled down in this city to control the trade and have transformed each cliff into tombs. A colonnaded street paved with marble went through the city, via the Qasr al-Bint, an isolated temple that survived the earthquakes. Ad-Deir, the Monastery, is for its part isolated in another mountainous massif which is reached by stairs.

Location: Petra, Jordan
Year: 2014