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Like a limitless city, with no horizon. The Leviathan, the mad conurbation, redundant with its streets and avenues running from a blocked horizon to the other, with the yonder verticality of the standing out sky-scrapers. And this is only Manhattan, an island, a strip of land lost amidst other cities even huger and wider.
An unreal city, made of the accretion and juxtaposition of imaginations, at the same time Fritz Lang’s and Superman’s Metropolis, Batman’s Gotham City, and movie settings, Al Pacino driving on the Brooklyn bridge in the night.
A city that needs quite a distance to be appreciated, or even to be seen from above, or else it would appear just like a movie setting, a series of empty planes, in two dimensions, plated one behind the other to depict a depth of field, deprived of the humanity crawling within.

Location: Manhattan (New York)
Years: 2004-2005